Our Company

We are a unique financial company which offers clients outstanding results for their investments by using artificial Intelligence, vast trading experience, and alternative data.



Juan Felipe is consider graph reader, he is able to analyze any type of chart interpreting figures, forms, and patters on historical data. He establishes key levels and recommendations vital for decision taking by applying Technical Analysis. As more historical data he has available he can perform more complex analysis and even forecast assets behavior for a time horizon.



Juan Ándres loves mathematics and data analyzing. His great skills with numbers are applied into analyzing global economy, financial statements of the largest companies in the World and their financial projections. Juan applies fundamental analysis through artificial intelligence and is able to interpret global news minute by minute generating valuable alarms for decision making. .



Jeronimo has always being curious and likes different ideas, he prefers to use alternative data. He gathers information from unconventional places looking beyond company filings and what brokers say, examples include geolocation, real-time information, or internet sales. His input for the group is to give a different view of the market to the portfolio.